sarcastic crying noises

the only picture i’ve ever liked my smile in was one i am high as hell in and that’s sad i guess 8 )

my friends want to get drunk next time we hang out instead of smoking weed like

alcohol is such a sad thing for me i don’t wanna drink and end up like my parents i’d rather just get stoned wh y’s it gotta b alcohol 

idk i’m really nervous and i dont want them to miss out on it but?????? i don’t wanna drink?? i know my parents wouldn’t care but i’d just be disappointing myself idk eeeghhhhh

If you hate me so much why would you come you’re making it bad for everyone here bud

so uh i’m hanging out with soph and melissa tonight and katie had a falling out with the group but we asked her to come as a nicety and didn’t expect her to say yes??? and now she’s coming and it’s gonna be super awkward because i was gonna like come out as bi to soph and melissa tonight but now i can’t and i also can’t talk about feelings at all because katie will use that against me and iTS JUST REALLY GOING TO BE AWFUL JUST AWFUL ALL AROUnd i’m not looking forward to it at all but at least there’s gonna be weed 

hey mom maybe you could find the kitten if you weren’t drunk off your ass

like you are every night

didn’t realize how peaceful a house w/o alcohol is

and since cathy is my mom’s best friend and knows things my mom would never tell me, turns out my dad’s not the only one with a drinking problem

and turns out that normal people don’t……..drink……..every night……..a lot…….. 

i feel stupid for not realizing but you know? how would i know any better? all i know is that i’m somewhere safe right now and im happy for the first time in weeks and i’m not looking forward to going home at all but i still have 12 hours!!! so there’s that